Mái kính cường lực che chắn còn lấy được ánh sáng từ tấm kính trong
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Glass roofs typically installed in homes lacking natural light. Mainly glass roof using toughened glass so secure in use.
The construction work is now more attention to factors "landscape". The floor and roof items previously often had little choice in the design of materials.
Nowadays, with the appearance of the product lines of safety glass, the designers have a number of plans to solve the problem of floor and roof.
With the roof, not only to ensure the shielding factors but also to get the light but also requires safety for the user. Toughened glass or toughened laminated glass (with at least one layer of tempered glass) is the most popular choice today for the implementation of the glass roof.
Glass roof systems, is a best choice for the decorative exterior, roof application is broad in the exterior glass. As garage glass roof, glass roof road, site glass roof, swimming pool, roof .... The use of glass is widely used abroad. Vietnam now also has many works, housing using glass roof system.
Advantages of the glass roof system:
Bring the luxury, high aesthetics, greater safety, creating a large space to use. You will always be satisfied with the space you have chosen. Beautiful glass roof system using tempered glass or a tempered glass roof called for construction on the available frames. The best guarantee for safety.
We are a professional unit for construction of the beautiful glass roof types according to different designs. Consultants and professional aluminum and glass construction, reasonable prices, quality prestige.