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Railing high quality toughened glass.
Railing of strength today is used a lot in the works. With these features and superior application capabilities than conventional types of railings, glass railings today has become the popular choice of the architectural designers and users.
In modern architectural design, besides the safety factor, certainly, the aesthetic factor plays a very important role.
Glass railings featuring transparent and gentle as a solution to solve the problems of vision. Not only that, the glass railing equally luxurious with transparent glass material.
In addition, toughened glass balustrade with toughened glass material durability, strength, good heat resistance is the perfect choice for the project.
The properties of tempered glass railing:
- Tempered glass is capable of bearing more than 7 to 8 times higher than the usual type of float glass of the same type, the same size, the same thickness. If unfortunately the glass breaks, it will break down into small chips, thereby minimizing the injury compared to normal glass.
- Toughened glass railing withstand very high thermal shock compared with ordinary glass. The difference between the core temperatures and the surface to> 2000 ° C while the normal glass withstand the temperature difference is less than 500 degrees allowing C.
- Toughened glass after not change the inherent properties of ordinary glass such as color, transparency, chemical composition, the thermal conductivity of glass, density, coefficient of expansion, or light transmission bright, ...
- Toughened glass railing used indoors not only durable, and certainly, but also help your house look more luxurious, bright and easy to clean, hygienic.
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The advantages of glass railing:
Toughened glass balustrade - cheap glass balustrade
+ High quality glass railing, bearing capacity and good thermal
+ Safety to help protect young children from falling off the railing, easy to clean.
+ Glass railing beautiful and luxurious, the price is reasonable, in line with the financial condition of many consumers.