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Note when installing glass-walled bathrooms:
Glass-enclosed shower is currently the first choice of homes and condos on the street in order to redress the bathroom area is limited.
Style glass-walled bathroom use are not only works seamlessly to create the space, make the room smaller funds not fritter but also to create a clear separation between dry and wet areas. It is one of the factors ensuring clean bathrooms for water restrictions and deposited shoot out after a shower, the bathroom should always keep dry. Not only that, but this glass wall also works to keep warm in winter even without flushing.
For glass-walled shower you should note that some of the following factors:
Selecting partitions:
+ Partitions made of Meka: These can cost as fragile but rather short period of use, and rapid degradation.
+ Partitions made of tempered glass (standard type 8 to 10 mm thickness): Tempered glass is my glass at high temperatures and sudden cooling glass so very hard (small pieces that can handle throwing not broken) and the rupture forming particles are not dangerous slippery. This kind of strength and beauty is almost eternal. The price of this kind of glass is about 350 to 400 thousand / 1 m.
+ Glass shower walls are usually made of glass material is safe, when broken glass will not fall to pieces and still cohesive identity in place by a plastic sheet in the hold should be limited to cause injury to people true. This glass is also capable of shielding UV rays of sunlight so it is suitable for open-pit tub.
How to install:
+ You can select the built-in glass-walled shower trays are usually sold in shops of building materials.
+ Or you can request a technician to the house to install the glass on the area and shape their own bathroom.
+ You can request additional mounting bracket hooks in the upper part of hanging a curtain to create privacy when needed.
Note the quality of the accessories:
+ When buying bathroom partitions you should pay attention to the quality of the component parts such as glass clamps, handles, joints, racks ..
+ Standard accessories are made of copper-plated and stainless steel crome. These devices, when that open standards does not cause noise and not be rusty during use.
You should clean the glass wall using Vim or cleaning chemicals wall. Do not get these chemicals stick to accessories such as handles, fittings, shelving ... as they will leak. For this accessory, you should only be cleaned with a normal.