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Stairs durable high quality glass.
Vietnamese French construction unit, design glass staircase in the market reputation. We specialize in the construction and installation of specialized products tempered glass with beautiful high quality best service quality.
Stairs are a very important part of a home. With the modern style and elegance ,. Currently on the market there are many types of stairs with various materials such as stainless steel, glass, wood ..... each product has the advantages of different characteristics, so where is the superior product that you need to have? The answer is very simple for you.
Our products are the most trusted customers and is the first choice product that is the glass material stairs, today it is used very commonly in the works from the batch house to townhouse the larger projects such as villas, castles and works great for both national stature domestically and internationally. The reason products such deals also its root causes and the much more formidable with the same line utility generation.
Advantages of glass stairs than traditional stairs as stainless steel, wood ....
+ The biggest advantage to have to say it is aesthetically. This is a product with a very high aesthetic because it's raw material use glass, modern materials reflect the elegance integrity splendid fit most of the terrain, the design house, more What's more it's also safe to travel.
Stairs glass material used in the house gives us many unexpected benefits compared to the use of old-style traditional staircase
Owning a home with space and unique design style that is always wanting the homeowners, in addition to your home is more like the design, the same logical stairs is one of the issues topic should be concerned by the nature of its vital space in your house.
High quality glass stairs
High quality glass staircase.
+ This product is because glass material used throughout the space to help your home look more spacious and comfortable feels shiny clean.
Glass material generally have an advantage it is to make your home space look brighter and more spacious.
Toughened glass staircase brings modern luxury to the home.
These materials are made of glass material bearing material is good and appropriate design for the stairs. Material tempered glass brings shimmering beauty that again ensure sustainability over time, the quality is no less rugged concrete stairs or wooden.
Glass staircase brings home the beauty and sophistication of modern works.
Curved Stairs
Curved glass staircase.
3. Stairs beautiful glass solution to the small flat area.
Used in a space not only help us become more youthful and vibrant. Therefore, this really is a useful solution for homes with small area.
Moreover the glass material so the stair well so that diversity is designed to use in combination with a lot of other ingredients to create a unique unity and effective and reflect light. Whereby the main area where the stairs or restricted by light as well as the glass material that looks airy and very much brighter.
Short cylindrical glass stairs
Short cylindrical staircase with glass
Vietnam boasts French Group is specialized design consultation and construction of credibility in the market and more customers choose to trust.
Vietnamese French always advise the optimum solution for clients. We are committed to quality products and best service to customers.
Vietnamese French glass staircase leading products good quality at unbeatable prices in the market Vietnam