Kính cường lực còn được gọi là kính an toàn cường lực chịu lực tốt
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Nature "unique" toughened glass

Glass is one of the special nature and affects around. The nature of the glass even more than mild steel is evaluated. Special glasses also by structural factors during attracted. Before the advent of the plastic nonscratch toughened glass was selected for the doors, walls and windows automobile.
The intense heat (over 750 ° C) is used to harden the glass creates a protective layer external features dense and as it cools, the electrical insulation is to maximize.
The 3/4 inch thick dongKinh hot work can withstand the impact of a half-pound iron ball falling from a height of 36 feet of tempered glass pieces. But when compared to the general, the glass broken glass will typically have weaker gravity though matter
The process makes the glass tempering can withstand thousands of pounds per square inch than glass, making it a favorite material for countertops and other bearing surfaces.
Because of its density characteristics, toughened glass is generally not clear or transparent than comparable glass and often colored or coated with reflective material, but also protects its surface.
In terms of safety: Tempered glass collapsed not because it's a smashing characteristics "windfalls" to use effects that can be sudden force such as a car windshield.
Special structural qualities
Architects selected instead of toughened glass outer wall at the entrance even buildings in the hurricane area, wherever a flexible, transparent material in particular.
Because of these excellent properties as mentioned above, toughened glass is becoming more popular than ever in my life.