Cửa nhôm kính Việt Pháp sang trọng hiện đại cho công trình
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(VIETNAM FRANCE) With these advantages compared to the traditional materials, the group's business is now the doors are widely applied in construction.
 Constituent materials:
- A rubber seal tightness, tight.
- System hardware accessories: hinges, handles, locks.
- Shaped aluminum profile bar (coachwork, chassis side).
- Renovation Glass Vietnam
Some key advantages of aluminum doors:
- Aluminium lightweight glass has the advantage that should the processing, design, installation easily with many different styles. Aluminum glass doors can be installed in different areas in a home such as bathrooms, windows and doors. Special lightweight aluminum and glass so well suited to the installation of windows for buildings.
- Aluminum and glass doors more stable than other types of doors with traditional materials.
In the climatic conditions in Vietnam, all kinds of doors with traditional wood materials inevitably warp or shrink. However, aluminum glass doors keep the structure and original beauty during use, always ensure the tightness between the frame and the door tight, good sound insulation for the room.
- Sound good insulation:
Aluminum doors - glass is designed using components such as shaped aluminum frame, glass boxes, washers, ... in order to achieve effective best sound insulation, the product is made from safe and clean technology do not harm the environment.
- Aluminum and glass doors as fire safety:
Are manufactured using fireproof materials thus minimizing the spread of flames in case of a fire or explosion.
- Always durable in any weather:
Aluminum doors have the advantage of long life, not oxidised in any weather. Therefore especially suitable for areas with frequent facade exposed to sun and rain, very suitable for hot and humid climatic conditions in Vietnam. Besides easy cleaning to help you not take much time to toilet door.