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Glass partition is used for the purpose of taking bright, normal glass partitions are made of tempered glass partition, also known as tempered glass partition, partition can use stained glass, stained glass ornament created not especially over time, combined with the door glass partitions and doors tempered glass tempered glass, glass door spa.
Choosing aluminum and glass partitions:
Aluminum bulkhead partition glass is kind of light aluminum frame usually aluminum or powder coated aluminum with many different paint colors for users with multiple options.
- Glass partitions used in many different thicknesses consistent with required use.
- With a wide selection of regular aluminum or aluminum powder coated material should be selected in line with demand and household products.
- Aluminum and glass partitions can choose from different types of glass with thickness from 12mm 5mmden matching demand and prices of products.
- With low-cost, quick and high aesthetics should be the choice for many offices and families.
- Removable aluminum can paste translucent glass full, in part or who decorated very modern line. More advanced you can print on paper Logo Meaning to stick on the glass on the bulkhead.
- The capabilities and applications is a large room room dividers divided into several small rooms with independent doors.